GET YOUR FREE RX CARD HERE! Accepted at CVS, Kroger, Walgreens, Walmart and many major chains. This is not insurance. It is a FREE Rebate Savings card. No medical questions and no paperwork. Just download card below and present to your pharmacy.

Savings Card

You get paid via a Mastercard Cash Card sent directly to your mailbox plus at point of purchase. 

Just present this card to your pharmacist to begin saving on qualifying purchases.

Simply Copy The Picture and Present It To Your Pharmacy.

On FireFox Right Click & "Save Image As" To Download To

On Google Chrome Right Click & "Save Image As"
To Download To Computer.

On Internet Explorer Right Click & "Save Picture As"
which will download to your computer.

If you can't print a card, send me an email with your address to info@salliesthings.com . I will mail you a card A.S.A.P.

Thanks for stopping by!

Sallie Stone

Make Money Giving Away FREE 
Discount Prescription Drug Cards

FREE Affiliate Program

No Fees.

This program is available to U.S. Residents only.

You get paid $1 per prescription filled. That's prescription not order. Plus you earn 15 cents for every prescription filled by reps under you from their customers.


Go to www.InCareRx.com.

Click on Become an Agent.

In the referring section input:

Sallie Stone info@salliesthings.com

You can copy and paste above into the referal section if you like.

That's it, in about a day you will have welcome emails in your inbox.

There are alot of places you can give away your cards from. (Explained in your welcome kit).


We probably don't need to tell you:

  1. It is a huge market,
  2. Many people (with or without insurance) need to save money,
  3. Businesses need good, positive promotional methods to build better relationships with their customers.


We decided to not only become InCareRx Card users, but also Distributors, because:

  1. For only $74.00, we could print 5,000 of the cards below to hand out free, promote our company, and build additional business,
  2. Each time the cards are used by any member of any family, we earn a commission which is consistently paid,
  3. We can offer cards to Doctor's offices to hand out and help their patients who wish to save money,
  4. We also can help Doctor's offices and other medical facilities to promote themselves by printing their own private labeled cards, earning commission overrides,
  5. We also can offer private labeled cards to other types of businesses wanting to give something of value to their prospects + customers, earning commission overrides.
  6. We also can offer private labeled cards to non-profit organizations that want a new attractive tool for long-term fund raising, earning commission overrides.
  7. We also can train other Distributors like yourself, help them make a great return, and earn commission overrides.

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